Polymer Clay Earring Design Class

with Lynn Yuhr, July 22nd 2017

“Design is the intentional solution to a problem with a set of constraints”

Mike Monteiro – San Francisco based designer


This is a one-day class that explores simple shapes and designs that can be used when creating earrings whether using posts or earring wires.  The first half of the class is creating our polymer pieces using simple shapes and thinking about symmetry or asymmetrical design, the weight of the earrings and how to imbed findings. The second half of the class is putting them together with earring wires you will make yourself. Rather than just using a manufactured ear wire, create your own and make it a part of your design. Everyone will learn how to work with wire and make the basic earring wire called a shepherd’s hook. We will go from there modifying the shape and adding character so that the earrings are an integral part of the earring design and not an afterthought. This will make your work stand out from the rest and give it a professional look.

We keep things pretty basic so that at the end of class everyone can now make their own earring wires and posts.

We will be working with polymer but in very simple forms/shapes. I encourage students to bring their own canes/veneers to create a few polymer pieces that we can make into earrings or completed earrings that they want to improve on.

Class Details

  • Class price: $75.00
  • Maximum Class Size: 15 students
  • Kit fee (payable to instructor): $10 and includes silver-filled wire, jump rings, earring backs, and posts.

Supplies students should bring

  • Polymer clay tools:  pasta machine, clamp
  • work surface (such as smooth tile 6×6-inches)
  • tissue blade, acrylic roller
  • a few shape templates or cutters
  • a few texture stamps.
  • Bring canes/veneers and a selection of coordinating clay colors from your stash you want to use. We will not need a lot of clay a few blocks will be plenty.
  • Wire working tools:
    • Jewelry pliers (flat, chain and round-nose)
    • Flush wire cutter
    • Bench block, pad
    • steel hammer and rawhide hammer (or nylon-tipped hammer)

Class Location and time

The class will be held at the South Miami Elks Lodge, located at 6304 SW 78th St, South Miami, FL 33143. Click here for a map to the location.

The class will start promptly at 10:00am, and will end at 4:00pm. Students should arrive by 9:30am so class can start on time.

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