On Saturday, August 18th, 2018, learn a brand new braid created by Bob “BraiderBob” Galivan, featuring the integration of traditional Kumihimo braid with a traditional Andean braid. The result is an attractive bracelet that’s easy to make and offers lots of design possibilities.

When you think of Kumihimo, you think of fiber and beads, right? Not so much! Many artists today are exploring the use of alternative materials in place of traditional fibers in making braids. This bracelet is based on two traditional braids: The Japanese Hira-genji, a flat braid made on the Marudai, and the Andean P’allta-Q’enqo (flat-zigzag) braid made in the hand. This braid grew out of my exploration of hybridizing braiding types and styles. I noticed that the setup and certain movements for both braids were identical, so I began to experiment. The result is an easy-to-make braid that merges two distinct styles of braiding into an attractive jewelry piece.

Bonus: This class teaches two distinct braiding techniques. You will be able to easily use these techniques to make three different bracelets! The class project, the Japanese Hira-genji bracelet, and the Andean Zig-Zag bracelet.

Class Price:

Kit Cost: $30.00

Kit Includes: Square braiding plate, choice of clasp, leather cord for project, comprehensive instructions.

Students should bring: Scissors, magnifiers (optional), task lamp (optional)

Level: All levels