presenting polymer clay artist Dayle Doroshow

January 19th – 21st, 2018

The South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild is very excited to present polymer clay artist Dayle Doroshow as our 2018 opening instructor. Ms. Doroshow will be presenting three exciting classes starting Friday, January 19th.

Dayle Doroshow is a mixed media/ polymer clay artist and owner of design studio Zingaro, stamp of distinction.  She trained in traditional ceramics at Columbia University Extension program in New York City and sold her pottery in Greenwich Village shops.   She continued with the study of Book Arts through the California Crafts College and at San Francisco Center for the Book. Dreams of archaeological ruins and travels to far off places have influenced my art work from the time of my studies in New York City.

“My wearable art, handmade books and home decor are handcrafted of polymer clay. I create each piece from hand-mixed colored clays and use a variety of techniques including carving, etching, Millefiore cane work and imitative techniques to create ivory, amber, jade and turquoise.  Recently I have been intrigued with iconic symbols, textures and surfaces, color blends and integrating polymer clay with textiles, papers, metals and found objects. This exploration has led to new ideas in sculptural jewelry, textile mosaics and book arts.

The inspirations of the past ignite my imagination to create art for the 21st century.  I enjoy creating and teaching new techniques with a pioneering medium while still reflecting my passion for the magic of past civilizations and their artisans.”

Dayle enjoys teaching and sharing the creative process in workshops across the United States and in France.  Her work can be seen on her website,

Class Listings

Note: The class fee is $100 per class. There are no kits/kit fees.

Open to all levels


Friday, January 19, 2018

Rattle Beads and Pendants

We’ll start off this spirited class by looking to ancient cultures as our inspiration to create Rattles, Rattle Pendants and Beads from beautifully designed sheets and balls of polymer clay. Add dimension to your work by adding sound! The rattles can be in many shapes and sizes, from simple forms to more complex. There will be several ways for creating the rattles along with easy variations. Techniques for surface designs will be many and varied- Millefiore, embossing and texture, carved and sculptural elements will adorn the rattles and also serve as bead caps.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Petals and Leaves- Jewelry from the Garden

Versailles, Giverny, Boboli, these names bring to mind beautiful images of unique flowers and foliage. For inspiration we’ll use nature’s bounty, floral textile designs from around the world and our imagination to create beautifully shaped flower and foliage beads, brooches and pendants with polymer clay. You’ll also incorporate fabric, metal parts, wire, and personal treasures. Using brilliant colors and unique techniques we’ll create different flowers that can be interpreted in many sizes and variations for wearable art. Techniques include Skinner blends, millefiore, appliqué, textures, transfers, and incorporating fabric and mixed media successfully.
Leave class with new ideas and designs for your personal art.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Messengers and Storytellers

Expand your design vocabulary in this spirited workshop by exploring the mystery of three-dimensional figures. We will create these figures of polymer clay using surface designs of millefiore and rich embellishments of beads, fibers and your personal treasures. Our inspiration will come from earlier cultures and also from easy whimsical designs we’ll collage from two-dimensional imagery – a fun way to work to stimulate new ideas! The “Messengers” can have secret places to hide a message or object, the “Storytellers ” can house a small book and both can incorporate removable jewelry. This class will give you fresh visions and open new possibilities for your own work!

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