Sarah Thompson has a passion for working with wire. When she first started there was nothing like this style out there. It took many years of trial and error to develop the right combinations of techniques and methods to achieve her signature style.In particularly with utilizing weaving and layering techniques to build highly intricate designs. She has been teaching what she has learned for the last 7 years and delights in finding new ways to challenge her students both in their workmanship and skills as well as how they perceive wire. In addition to teaching she has a book out “Fine Art Wire Weaving”, a Craftsy video “Wire Weaving Bracelets: Basics and Beyond”, as well as multiple articles in Step by Step Wire magazine. In 2014 her Thistle design won the Best in Show in the Bead and Button’s Bead Dreams contest.


She lives in Spokane Washington with her Husband and 5 children.  When she is not creating she spends her time with her family enjoying life.


Friday, March 16th: Tendril Earrings

A beautiful organic pair of earrings that are not only stunning but lightweight. Students will learn how to shape heavier-gauged wire with a more flowing organic movement. You will also learn the basics of layering your wire for more depth and details to the overall design, as well as the little details that elevate the design to a more professional quality.

Level:  Intermediate

Class Fee:  $100

Class Maximum:  18

Kit Fee: $40.00 (paid to instructor)

Saturday, March 17th: Aries Necklace

Utilize wire weaving techniques to build layers for a more intricate necklace design. Students will also explore multiple symmetry techniques for better results, and polishing and filing techniques to enhance and elevate their finished work.

Level:  Advanced

Class Fee: $100

Maximum: 15

Kit Fee: $57.00 (paid to instructor)

Sunday, March 18th: Thru the Looking Glass Bracelet

This is a fun class where I teach you the method but you come up with your own design.  Everyone’s bracelet will be different.  It is time consuming so we will only have time to finish one half of the bracelet.

Level: Intermediate or Advanced, depending on student level

Fee: $100

Maximum: 15

Kit Fee: $70.00 (paid to instructor)